PHILO floral specializes in custom, made-to-order floral arrangements with a personal touch. Our boutique approach emphasizes attention to detail for every client and every commission.  Drawing inspiration from nature and the elements, PHILO's nontraditional designs are rooted in delicate, organic forms. This balance between beauty and condition allows for a classic yet unencumbered aesthetic across a wide variety of works.  

A gift of fresh flowers is a gift of true generosity, appreciation, and affection—sentiments often difficult to convey in contemporary communication.  Flowers make a real and positive impression on people and their perspective.  Not only is a flower itself beautiful, so is its blooming. with careful consideration of every aspect, each PHILO arrangement has a powerful visual and emotional impact through both composition and craft.  However, a beautiful finished product always starts with people. PHILO is committed to developing and maintaining a personal relationship with our clients. as experienced professionals, we strive to be organized, accessible, and punctual every step of the way.  choosing PHILO is choosing the authentic over the artificial, the good over the perfect.