Philo Floral is a contemperary design studio based in Greenville, South Carolina.  Our peculiar approach to form emphasizes attention to detail for every client and every commission.  Drawing inspiration from the potential of nature.  The melodic relationship between humanity and nature allows for our nontraditional approach rooted in wild and unusual designs.  The balance among color, space, texture, and shape permits for an unencumbered aesthetic across a wide variety of works.  Philo Floral commits to developing and maintaining a personal relationship with our clients.  As experienced professionals, we are organized, accessible, and punctual every step of the way.

“We emphasize movement and space, strangeness and freedom in our designs”

      Founder and creative director Elizabeth Seward is a modern florist and artist.  Residing in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina – a southern city finding a new identity as a hub for industry, technology, cuisine, and culture.  From an early age, Elizabeth had the space to grow things along side her late father and explore her relationship with nature.  There, in that space, she learned to appreciate nature and life as a beautiful gift from a generous giver.  It’s that munificence she hopes to teach and express through her work with Philo Floral.